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Kanban is a system for visualizing work, making it flow, reducing waste, and maximizing customer value. LeanKit Kanban allows you to Optimize flow of work, Collaborate Anywhere in Real Time, Focus on Customer Value and See real meaningful metrics.


A highly customizable tool to manage an agile development cycle with integration of releases, sprints, in built version control and defect management systems, helpdesk system and collaborative mechanisms.


TinyPM is a web-based and internationalized lightweight, efficient tool to collborate within agile teams enabling effective management of products, backlog, taskboards, stories supported by an excellent wiki.


ScrumDesk is a scrum management tool that combines simplicity of physical story board with management supported by software application. This aproach allows to fully support distributed development environment and help the team with theirs daily tasks.

TechExcel DevSuite

DevSuite is set of agile project management and development managment software that enables you to manage traditional, hybrid, and agile processes with the same set of tools. It consists of Portfolio, DevSpec, DevPlan, DevTrack, DevTest, KnowledgeWise, and optionally DevTime. The suite can be purchased as a whole or the individual modules can be purchased as needed.


Hansoft is a tool for team collaboration and management in agile software development with a feature set spanning over Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), PPM (Product Portfolio and Program Management) and Social Collaboration. Members at all levels in organizations sized from less than 10 to many 1000's use Hansoft to do Scrum and tailored agile methods, Kanban, collaborative Gantt scheduling, defect tra

Rally Dev

Rally Dev is a simple, innovative and easy to use agile lifecycle management product with a best combination of capability and strategy. It unites Agile Project Management, Requirements Management Test and Defect Management with a complete visiblity of project features, features management, quality and reporting. It is a hosted web service that is easy to access and sc

Urban Turtle

Seamlessly integrated with Team Foundation Server 2010, the Visual Studio ALM platform, Urban Turtle is the premier Scrum and Agile tool for backlog prioritization, sprint planning, and task monitoring.


VersionOne is a very elegant and well structured tool to manage agile project management supporting todays leading edge development methods such as SCRUM, XP, Kanban, AgileUP and DSDM. Its effective in terms of centralized management, simplifed collaboration and effective project visibility.

Agile Manager

Aldon Agile Manager is the first community-built agile project management application that gives agile teams the ability to focus on what's most important "designing and developing software" rather than "everyday project management tasks".


OnTime is an excellent all in one Scrum management tool to ship software OnTime. The product comes with a very simple and optimized UI which is very very easy to use, considerably high speed development, excellent visibility to various members of the team and very intutive to use by any person. Includes rich features as a promise to deliver software On Time to end custo

Agile On Demand

"Agile On Demand" in an agile tool built by a team that includes two co-founders of Scrum, it combines agile management software, best-practices, and coaching into a new product that will make your Agile teams more effective and productive.


Agilebuddy is next generation Scrum project management software that lets you easily CreateEstimatePlan and Track your software projects. Agilebuddy's comprehensive set of Scrum tools help teams naturally transition from the traditional waterfall model to Agile software deve


SpiraPlan® provides a complete Agile Project Management System in one package, that can manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and issues in one environment, fully synchronized. An all in one tool.


AgileWRAP provides integrated planning and management of requirements, iterations, releases, projects, tasks and defects in a SaaS based secured toolset.


Acunote is a lightweight scrum management tool that can be effective with small teams and where day to day tasks are to be tracked.


An easy tool to work with, for planning releases, iterations and tracking the daily work for one or more teams working on a portfolio of projects and products. Includes timesheets. Free (MIT license). 


Skinnyboard helps agile project teams collaborate to get work done. It provides project boards of virtual index cards that you use to assign work, track status, and measure performance. Originally developed as an internal management tool, Skinnyboard has evolved from a 3rd-party plugin to a full-fledged software application with a roster of customers who pay monthly to

TangyOrange Scrum

Online scrumboard application from TangyOrange supports collaboration of teams following the SCRUM process. It facilitates planning, management, and tracking of SCRUM sprints. More advanced features of the virtual scrumboard application include support for work estimates, reporting using burndown charts, export and analysis of tracking data, and concurren


ScrumNinja is the world’s most elegant, intuitive, easy-to-use agile tool that does all the awesome things you want and need it to do. A simple yet powerful Scrum management tool designed by professional scrum masters. It features all the scru

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