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5 Principles Of Modern Enterprise Agility

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 26 November 2012
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enteprise agilityAgility in an enterprise has been a major challenge with almost all the innovation in the industry coming in the same decade in form of cloud, big data, agile principles, mobility and social space. While some have embraced them quite well, most are struggling in such transformation to become an agile enterprise. Its essential to tune the mindset of individuals, organizations and enterprises on what it takes to be an agile enterprise.

Five of those modern principles induces enterprise agility are:

Data Driven Decisions

Data and so to term big data have proved to be a huge promise in how you infer key decisions based on historic data at hand. Ability and approach to data driven decisions were merely being explored this time last year and a year on has shown, this is reality and its no longer an option for any organization to wait and watch. Have an effective understanding of data at hand instead with an ability to map this data to business process. Data collation, consumption and crunching are now integral to enterprise and business architecture.

Anytime Anywhere And Real-Time

Can a customer access the product anytime and anywhere be it a desktop, mobile, tablet or other devices? If you are answering "No" or "May Be" then think again. Access anytime, anywhere has become a norm and a criteria to shortlist a product in a solution selection process. This probably has to be first and top of the list in the roadmap if its not already done. Real-time availability of data and relative services is another big factor that has evolved since a year. No excuses, we ourselves are answering "No" to this question in absence of a mobile app. Hopefully soon.

Experience Over Sales

Customer relationship management has changed quite a bit in last couple of years driving enterprises to take more of a social approach than hardsell. The mantra that has evolved over time is "Interactions" and not "Transactions". Sales today grow by word of mouth, thanks to social media marketing than pulling a customer in for a hard sell. If an entperise is able to provide a good experience to customer, that spreads within no time with a chance of more leads turning up in your CRM system.

Innovate And Share Are The Words

There is hardly a space where innovation has not happened in last few years. Together with emergence of social media, organizations that have successed the most and have managed to build an ecosystem of developers, end users, partners are those which have tried to innovate, tried to do things diffrently and have shared their innovation to what ever extent with this ecosystem. Most have encouraged this circle to contribute to the innovation generating a buzz that can only transform the enterprise in terms of its reach, community and eventual sales.

Will To Fail Than Dream To Succeed

One of the key aspect of agility is "Fail and Learn". A repetative nature of this fail and learn can push any individual or enterprise to the next level with key learnings on their side. Any work involving shorter iterations would be great to apply this to ensure minimal failure impact. Willinginess to fail where shorter iterations of work is involved encourages to take calculated risks and enables greater collaboration within the ecosystem.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

Founder of ToolsJournal, a technology journal on software tools and services. Sudheer has overall accountability for the webiste product development and is responsible for Sales and Marketing. With a flair to write, Sudheer himself writes for toolsjournal across all journal categories.

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