Whats The Best Index Card You Came Across in Agile Tools

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 21 May 2011
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I always had a difficulty to find the right option to either use "Index Cards" for agile project delivery or use a good "Agile Tool". Well i guess i ended up using a combination of both as most others do. Few difficulties however using "Index Cards", i would not really get the fantastic features exposed by tools in terms of effective planning, burndown, tracking, productive integrations and like. On the other hand if i use agile tool i loose the flexibility to carry the cards and really express myself in the meetings. 

Well i recently made up my mind to use wonderful agile tools available due to few drawbacks like duplicating effort writing manual cards and updating tools, data from cards out of sync with proposed changes to stories, Pile of old index cards everywhere and many others

I recently happen to come across one of the posts by "ScrumDesk" explaining their "IndexCards". I guess a small picture explains it all which i have borrowed from the post (hope they dont mind) and that makes my mind up to use tools more than ever.


 Cards are supposed to establish conversation and clarification of requirements. Card in ScrumDesk displays more details than paper index card while still provides visibility.

Was really taken by surprise on how much of flexibility a simple card is provided with literally able to do everything that i could do on an index card in just one click. However me being me, "a User" i would like to have an option to "Print" as well on the card. That should to me make this the best card i have come across so far and solve my difficulty mentioned as well.

And if you use excel to maintain your backlog and wish to generate Index cards out of it why not use this generator kindly shared by "Henrik Kniberg". Index Cards Generator.

Share your thoughts and let us know whats the best Index Card you have comes across in Agile Tools you may have used. 

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Sudheer Raju

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