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Porticor Provides Security Solution For Data In Cloud Environments

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 07 November 2012
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Proticor Cloud SecurityData security is one of the significant concerns for organizations planning to move their businesses into Cloud Environment. Data in a cloud becomes vulnerable to different kind of threats than that in a on-premise scenario. A startup Porticor is a cloud security company that provides secure and scalable solutions for data encryption and key management. It introduced the latest release of its Porticor Virtual Private Data (Porticor VPD) system, which fully protects cloud data while stored and in use, delivering total security to cloud environments.

Porticor claims that it's VPD System fully protects data stored in public, private and hybrid clouds and deliver trust in the security of these environments. This system protects the encryption keys of data while they are being used maintaining compliance and the highest levels of cloud security.

Split-key encryption technology that supports Porticor's patented Virtual Key Management service, keeps encryption keys in customer’s control. With the addition of homomorphic key encryption technology to its existing solution, Porticor keeps the master encryption keys fully encrypted and secured even while being used to access cloud data. Homomorphic encryption is a technique that enables mathematical operations to be performed on encrypted data. Organizations can now fully trust that their cloud data is secure and cannot be compromised both while stored and being accessed.

“With this release, Porticor enhances the high levels of trust it was already infusing into the cloud with our split-key method to now fully protect cloud data at rest and in use,” said Gilad Parann-Nissany, Porticor founder and CEO.  “Now, organizations can trust their data to the cloud, knowing that their data encryption keys are kept private 100-percent of the time.  Because the encryption keys are never exposed to risk, Porticor’s cloud data security system delivers the highest levels of data security available on premise or in the cloud.”

The new release of Porticor VPD is available today directly from Porticor at

Ravi Vadugu

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