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Attunity Extends Services Of Its SaaS Platform On Amazon Web Services

Written by  Raja Rao | 08 November 2012
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Attunity CloudBeamCloud-based storage and database services have reshaped the way businesses consume IT resources through true elasticity and infinite scalability. Attunity Ltd. has come up with new software as a Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Attunity CloudBeam has been launched as public beta with two data movement services. Upload to cloud and replication between cloud regions are the two new services available on AWS.

This SaaS Platform supports BI Analytics, disaster recovery, backup and archive functionalities. Attunity CloudBeam has added managed file transfer to cloud, file replication to cloud, and upload to cloud automation application, extending its existing capabilities.

Moving files to the cloud using this SaaS Platform is much easier. CloudBeams elastic infrastructure supports high performance, accelerated file uploading. Attinuity claims that this service loads files up to 100 times faster than Amazon S3 Enhanced Uploader and is designed for moving very large files and large numbers of files. Encrypted data transfers ensure the security aspect of the data.

Replicating files and folders between S3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions is provided by CloudBeam SaaS Service. This service will provide elastic computing resources to meet your cross-region replication needs. Replication performance is enhanced by applying compression and parallelism techniques. The transfer process is limited to only the differences of the repositories, thereby improving the performance. The frequency of the replication can be controlled by scheduling the service to achieve desired results.

“Attunity CloudBeam helps users realize the promise of cloud computing by alleviating the Big Data bottleneck and infrastructure maintenance challenges,” stated Matt Benati, VP Global Marketing at Attunity. “We are excited to move into public beta and offer Attunity CloudBeam to an even broader audience.”

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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