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Sign Up For Cubby For 25 GB Of Free File Sync And Storage

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 13 November 2012
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cloud storageFile sync and storage on cloud has seen a major war this year with Dropbox, GDrive, SkyDrive, CloudDrive and others. This month a new startup product "Cubby" has entered the storage space and into Open Beta with impressive set of features and a whooping free space of upto 25 GB.

The solution features collaborative features like file sharing and syncing on any number of computers and devices using its bespoke feature DirectSync. It offers private sharing of files where multiple people can access and edit files with auto sync capability. The public sharing is enabled via links where people can download files into their cubby folders.

A desktop app, a mobile app and ability to allow unlimited versions of files are other features on offer. It all functions via an easy to use drag and drop interface. Cubby is the product of LogMeIn, a company offering solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh computers, smartphones and others.

Cubby boasts security with LogMeIn’s Gravity Data Services, their own proprietary data synchronization and storage cloud. Data protection with AES 256-bit encryption, SSL protection of data in transition with a future optional high security mode gives good vibes for the product.


As far as the storage goes, you get a default 5 GB with the account you create and can further add upto 20 GB if you are able to invite your circle to Cubby. Each installation of Cubby on their PC or Mac, within you circle will get you +1 GB of storage.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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