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Its That Time When Cloud Foundry Open PaaS Becomes More Agile And Aligned

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 16 November 2012
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could foundryIts still that time when one can get excited about an open Cloud or open PaaS on your latptop. Give it few more years may be this scenario would be a default expectation for one to proceed with any kind of development. Cloud Foundry has taken a step further to the likes of development community making its PaaS more agile.

First and foremost is introduction of Cloud Foundry Core that provides a baseline of common capabilities and an open mechanism to instantly validate application portability. AppFog, Tier 3, Uhuru Software, Micro Cloud Foundry™ and are now Core compatible as part of their commitment to preserving cloud portability. Such an adherence to cloud portability framework will avoid any vendor lock ins should business need arise to change your cloud in future.

The open PaaS allows to have "Micro Cloud Foundry" which is a complete version of Cloud Foundry PaaS but run on a single virtual machine on developers computer. Without a question developers will love the idea of taking a multi cloud approach to develop and test their applications locally and synchronize or deploy to any cloud foundry based clouds without any code or config changes.

Second off, Micro Cloud Foundry has seen some significant changes in its new release. It gets the same status as its parent product Cloud Foundry. All future changes and enhancements made within Cloud Foundry will be from now on available readily for Micro Cloud Foundry as well. It will also share same release numbers.

The new version has enhanced its support for Node.js, Java 7, Scala and Ruby with Node.js application able to use NPM package manager.

The alignment of both Cloud Foundry versions means Micro Cloud Foundry will now receive updates every fortnight. All the manual processes involved in build and test of Micro Cloud Foundry are automated with this release providing the required agility for the product enabling a frequent delivery. The company has said that a REST interface to Micro Cloud Foundry is on the cards along with a web interface replacing the current terminal interaction.

You can download the new Micro Cloud Foundry from the download site.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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