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Boundary Switches Monitoring Of Apps On Public Cloud

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 27 November 2012
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boundaryBoundary, a big data collection, streaming, and real-time analytics system for processing high-dimensionality sensor network data has released new application monitoring capabilities for companies running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public and private cloud infrastructure.

Boundary’s updated service includes a proactive alerting capability that understands normal application behavior and, using advanced analytics, warns users at the earliest sign of potential problems.  Boundary has also added a Big Data store that will enable customers to stash detailed performance data for long periods, as well as a reporting component that will automatically compare historical and current performance metrics, and email the summaries to customers. Using the reporting capability and long-term data store, customers can examine all the metrics for prior periods to help in problem diagnosis.  This way, users can resolve potential issues before customers are impacted.

The company launched in November 2011 and offered the monitoring product towards March 2012 for general availability and now has over 60 paying customers and 500 businesses using its free version. Boundary is free to use with full functionality available including the new features in this release as long as you restrict yourself to send 2GB of data for processing.

Boundary includes integrations with AWS, Rackspace, New Relic, Puppet, Splunk, Chef and other service providers along with Google Compute Engine. The enhanced solution will be on display this week at AWS re: Invent, Amazon’s global conference for AWS customers and partners.

“Boundary recently detected the AWS outage over two full hours before Amazon announced it and a customer of ours detected the Azure outage 15 hours before it was announced by Microsoft,” said Gary Read, CEO of Boundary.  “Now we’re putting even more advanced analytic and reporting capabilities in the hands of our customers.  Before traditional monitoring tools have even processed their next set of samples, Boundary has identified abnormalities in cloud infrastructure and alerted users to potential problems.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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