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RedHat OpenShift PaaS Now Scales To Enterprise And On-Premise

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 28 November 2012
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openshiftThe projected enterprise use of PaaS is predicted to reach 43% by 2015 from 3% in 2012. If there were any questions around this then RedHat is in a mood to put them to bed creating a ripple in its Platform as a service strategy. OpenShift is now ready for use by enterprises with general availability of "OpenShift Enterprise", designed to be installed on-premise within customer data centers or private, public or hybrid clouds.

The product enables customers to streamline and standardize developer workflows, facilitating increased IT service delivery velocity that can better support business demands. This news comes at the back of its original statement back in May, 2012 to mould OpenShift to enterprise needs. Here it is with a claim the latest release is the industry’s first comprehensive, open on-premise PaaS for enterprises.

Addressing the basic needs of enterprise to have a PaaS, Red Hat has said that OpenShift Enterprise builds its security surrounding its unique SELinux approach (Security-Enhanced Linux) and also offers multi tenancy with the ability to subdivide the Node instances. The platform provides on-demand, elastic and fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment ready for developers to focus on just what they are good at, developing applications.

Built on its trusted Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Application platform 6, its PaaS platform has been driven by the developer community that it built with launch of OpenShift Origin towards start of May this year. OpenShift Origin exposed the open source based codebase via GitHub and made its PaaS platform available to developers to run it behind the firewall. As a multi-language, PaaS, OpenShift Enterprise supports Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl and it includes a cartridge-based architecture to enable customers to include their own middleware services.

OpenShift Enterprise becomes the only Java EE 6-certified on-premise PaaS available to enterprises today. The product is initially offered in North America, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, with plans for global availability in the future. The OpenShift PaaS online service remains available in developer preview.


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Sudheer Raju

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