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SurDoc Aiming For 100 Percent Data Privacy Protection On or Off Cloud

Written by  Raja Rao | 30 November 2012
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SurDoc Data PrivacyData Security gives peace of mind for the Organizations, be it in-Cloud or On-Premises. SurDoc, a cloud-based storage and document technology provider is offering TruPrivacy to its customers. The product provides absolute privacy protection for users, while keeping cloud storage provider costs low. Consumers now can confidently use cloud-based storage, knowing that their data and files are finally 100 percent safe, even employees within a cloud service provider.

Let us see what SurDoc is doing different from the rest of its competitors. It claims to have plugged all the holes in data deduplication technique used by most cloud-based storage providers with its TruPrivacy technology. Generally companies use key to encrypt file. Where as in this case SurDoc key is also encrypted using the file with the help of a new algorithm before storing on the server. As part of the TruPrivacy process, only the user who owns the file can calculate the encryption key; the server has no knowledge of both the encryption key and the unencrypted file.  Because of this, only the user who owns the particular file can access their file.

SurDoc’s service is built upon an advanced document processing technology called VisiDoc. This technology converts documents into images for viewing rather than a certain file format, offering advantages like preserving original format, no program and device restrictions to access the files. Users can also sign documents with their real signature and mark them with comments making collaboration among users easy.

A simple installation of the SurDoc software will get you started. Once it is done, you can backup all your existing data. From then on any changes and the new data is automatically saved by the product in the background. The data is protected using military-grade encryption and is stored on servers at multiple locations. It is compatible with windows, Mac OS and also supports all mobile devices with web browser supporting HTML5. Data can be accessed from anywhere and any device.

“As the cloud becomes the de facto storage center for personal as well as business data, it is critical that consumers and IT professionals understand that there are substantial risks of data leakage, exposure and even theft that go along with cloud-based storage,” said Alex Wang, CEO of SurDoc.  “Data protection and privacy is paramount, and users want to be assured that their cloud storage service provider does not put sensitive data at risk. With TruPrivacy, these concerns are now moot.”

SurDoc provides TruPrivacy for free along with its cloud-based storage offerings.  Customers can get a 10GB account free, permanently, with opportunities to earn additional storage with referrals. The company is backed by a leading document technology company and $4 million from IDG Ventures. It is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in “Silicon Valley". Comparison of product offerings from its peers can be viewed here.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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