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BigData: BitYota Joins Amazon To Provide Warehouse Analytics Service

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 02 December 2012
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bityotaBitYota is a startup delivering a warehouse-as-a-service for Big Data Analytics, has come out of stealth mode by unveiling its product at Amazon’S AWS RE:INVENT CONFERENCE. This is the same conference where Amazon itself has announced its similar service Redshift.

BitYota is built with a view to provide realtime business insights allowing enterprises to leverage their current investments in analytic tools algorithms and dashboards with little modifications. A one click data integration, built around familiar ecosystem of BI technologies and integrations is the key to provide such realtime business insights claims the startup.

The product integrates with familiar data sources like MangoDB, Couchbase, MySQL allowing companies to easily and quickly combine all their data – web traffic, user profiles, transactions, in a single place in the Cloud. All the more the service auto-detects formats and schemas including JSON, XML, CSV and Key Value pairs, understanding the rate of arrival/change of new data and seamlessly uploading it on a schedule.

It does not stop there and the BitYota goes a step further supporting SQL92 natively and "R" statistics along with Javascript, Perl, Python and others. It exposes industry standard ODBC API to ensure it integrates with variety of BI tools where users can load data as-is and live with either minimal or no data transformation, pre-processing, ETL and others.

Like Amazon Redshift launched last week BitYota also comes with easy management features of warehousing data like create backups, manage hardware, rotate logs and other administrative functions built in adding a point towards reduction in operating costs. The backup nodes where data is replicated instantly, automatically come into action to process data in the event of a node failure.

Its fantastic to have Amazon itself invite BitYota to launch their product in its conference given that amazon launched its own service Redshift. "This year, at the first AWS re:Invent conference, we have pushed “getting started” to a new level by creating a dynamic, live stage environment for start-up companies to launch publicly for the first time.  We’re excited to have BitYota participate and launch their next generation data warehouse-as-a-service on AWS.” said Ariel Kelman, Head of Worldwide Marketing, AWS.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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