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Migrating Applications To The Cloud Made Easy By Unisys

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 05 December 2012
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Unisys IAA ServiceCloud computing has provided organizations with various options to deliver cost-efficient IT services to their end users. Choosing the right delivery model (public clouds, private clouds and hosted private clouds) and moving their applications to it can be quiet challenging for them. Unisys Corporation announced the Unisys Intelligent Application Alignment Service, a new packaged service that helps organizations dramatically reduce the time needed to migrate key applications to a Cloud-based delivery model.

Unisys Intelligent Application Alignment Service, the latest addition to the Unisys Hybrid Enterprise solutions for cloud computing simplifies that process. It uses automated software tools to discover and document an organization’s full inventory of applications and workloads. It evaluates each application using rules and recommends the best delivery method for each application based on factors such as service level agreements, compliance, operational efficiency and return on investment.

IAA automation and intelligence forms the basis of a decision model that determines operational characteristics and calculates a best fit deployment plan in alignment with industry best practices. It gives a migration roadmap that will accelerate migrations either passively through manual efforts or actively by leveraging integrated automation capabilities to migrate workloads to a fit-for-purpose destination.

Other solutions that are part of Unisys Hybrid Enterprise framework are Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, Unisys Private Cloud Services, Unisys CloudBuild Services and Unisys Integrated Service Management suite.

“Our new service helps CIOs take full advantage of the cloud to save money and be more agile,” said Colin Lacey, vice president, data center and cloud transformation solutions and services, Unisys. “It enables CIOs to make informed decisions about where and when to best deploy a cloud-based delivery model, and just as importantly, where not to. By using automated processes, our service delivers results more quickly and cost-effectively, without the time and expense of one-off custom consulting engagements.”

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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