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10gen And SoftLayer LinkUp To Provide MongoDB NoSQL Cloud

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 07 December 2012
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mongodbOpensouce NoSQL database on a pay as you go cloud service, sounds interesting and sensible. 10gen, the developers favourite NoSQL database known for its agility and Softlayer, the leading global cloud infrastructure platform joins hands and launch a well engineered on-demand MongoDB production-class systems, including optimized hardware and OS configurations, automated deployment of multi-data center clusters and integrated monitoring and support.

Such a close collaboration to optimize and provide best of configured nosql systems will encapsulate development community from complexity of deployment and configuration for MondgoDB across enterprises.
More over this commercialization of MongoDB comes with unified monthly billing to customers without having to sign any long term contracts. The service provider SoftLayer will own certified first line 24x7 product support, product patch management and product licensing.

SoftLayer’s MongoDB engineered systems include options from entry-level quad-core servers to powerful sixteen core, high-performance computing nodes, all available on demand and in real-time via SoftLayer’s portal and API. These big data deployments may be fully integrated with other SoftLayer infrastructure solutions, with secure intra-architecture and inter-data center connectivity via the company’s global private network.

“Our aim is for MongoDB to be available in combined offerings so that the growing number of organizations that want to deploy in the cloud have an easy and scalable solution,” said Eliot Horowitz, CTO of 10gen. “We look forward to working with SoftLayer to bring this new service to market as a convenient and effective way to deploy big data workloads.”

SoftLayer’s MongoDB solutions are available immediately with prices starting at $359 per month and at $659 per month with MongoDB Cloud Subscriptions. This price includes an Intel Xeon 1270-based server with 8GB of RAM and two 500GB SATA storage drives.

10gen further establishes itself as the leader in NoSQL product community and slow and steady builds a financial backing as well with recently RedHat and Intel committing their investment in MongoDB. This commercialization is yet another step to achieve that financial stability as well.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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