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Survey Reveals That Big Data And That Too Real Time Is Big Deal

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 13 December 2012
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big dataBig data this year has seen tremendous growth and significant investment in relevant startups and established players alike. GigaSpaces, a provider of application virtualization platforms has conducted a survey which revelas some very informative insights on big data and what enterprises are doing and planning to do in coming years.

The key results coming out from this online survey aimed at IT audiences across 8 different countries are:

Mission Critical

80% of responders indicated that Big Data was key to their business of which 43% have stated it is mission critical to their business to have valuable insights from the volumes of data they receive.

Real Time Processing

The survey concludes that speed of big data processing is a challenge the organizations have to deal with and there is increasing readiness to use streaming solutions to deal with it. The need for real-time processing of data and visualization is growing and significant.

Out of 70% who responded using stream processing big data tools only 12% are utilizing real-time event processing software. GigaSpaces reports that this suggests a potential gap in real-time big data processing software. The survey reports that where speed of processing matters along with handling of volumes of data, there organizations are moving beyond Hadoop only architectures.

Data Store

56% of users have said that they intend to move from RDBMS to NoSQL data store, however it also has been reported that the current transitions to NoSQL stores included only non-transactional data to major extent. This probably is yet another gap that needs to be filled next year. Its hard to think that businesses in particular can actually unlock the value from big data by just moving non-transactional data to big data platforms.

Big Data On Cloud

Most companies have expressed their plans to move their Big Data to the Cloud, or are considering the option to achieve the imminent cost savings. To do so companies are expecting to have a public cloud that runs big data software with guaranteed consistency, transactionality, reliability, scalability, and security as crucial elements.

Over 44% have responded to have plans to move their big data apps to cloud where as only 22% have said the do not want to move to the cloud. The rest 34% were unsure stating their primary concerns as security and scalability over cloud.

"GigaSpaces' has long recognized that the exponential growth of data is a challenge nearly every company will have to deal with at some point, and that they will need infrastructure for their business apps that can carry them into the Big Data era with minimum disruption," said Adi Paz, EVP Marketing and Business Development at GigaSpaces. "This is why our platforms are geared to handle extreme processing without compromising on scalability, reliability, transactionality, security, or any other enterprise concern; moreover, we know how to interoperate with all other legacy and Big Data technologies. With the speed of business today, you have enough to worry about without having to restructure your IT environment to handle it."

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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