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OpenStack Could Do What Linux Did For Us - EMC

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 17 December 2012
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openstackOpenStack has been the go to opensource cloud platform last few years and specifically after Rackspace has relinquished its control giving birth to OpenStack Foundation. EMC recently joined the sponsors list and became a corporate level sponsor for OpenStack.

Revealing why EMC has chosen to join the long list of OpenStack sponsors Chuck Hollis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer has said that what Linux adoption has done to EMC might be repeated with OpenStack. According to a survey of customers by EMC, it is understood that more and more customers are showing interest and in fact have OpenStack in some form or the other on their road-map. With 16 years of service with EMC, Chuck Hollis notes that the strategy could find similarities to what it has plotted with Linux.

The plot goes from EMC participating in the evolution of Linux with contribution to right community projects and Linux distributions, followed by building its own reference architectures and apis to better integrate its products into the distros. This built confidence within the linux adopting organizations and community to seamlessly buy the idea of using EMC products and services without any reservations.

Now with OpenStack gaining the same popularity, Chuck intends to repeat the proven strategy by carefully choosing the right OpenStack distribution projects to contribute and build necessary apis and services for the open platform that can integrate with EMC's storage business. This is based on the fact that more and more organizations will integrate OpenStack into their roadmaps in coming years, just like what has been witnessed with Linux a while ago.

Whatever the intent it sounds like the EMC customers will be the happy customers given that the company has included OpenStack into its plot along with already existing partnerships with VMWare (forming Pitvotal Initiative last month) and Microsoft to exploit Azure side of integrations. Lets hope its "all in one" strategy works.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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