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Cubby Cloud Storage Goes PRO But Risks Subscriber Loss

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 03 January 2013
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cubbyCloud storage has many vendors to choose from but that did not stop young startups to get into the thick of cloud storage business given the fact that the enterprise world has just about scratched the surface of foreseen data processing and management for years to come. One such startup that we reported recently that entered into beta phase was Cubby. Cubby has now announced plans to move out of beta and launch a "PRO" version.

The biggest differentiator why people have actively signed up to this start-up service was the "DirectSync" feature that allows to Sync unlimited folders across computers without using your cloud storage. In fact more than half of the subscribers seems to have actually signed up within beta phase and even have contributed to beta testing for this very feature as per this discussion thread. However the start-up may have shot its own foot by moving DirectSync feature into the paid PRO version. Given the fact that there are users who do not wish to use cloud in some scenarios, they will be forced to pay for something they don't use. More over if this initial pricing of PRO version is raised in few months time, its even a bigger loss to customer. Essentially this means with the free account one is left with 5 GB worth of upload to cloud and download to other systems. Nothing much than a free dropbox account if not less.

The new pro version is designed so you never have to worry about file sizes or security again says the company and offers a massive 100 GB cloud storage and its trademark DirectSync to sync the files systems without the cloud and advanced security locks. A statement on company's blog also said "we’re happy to announce that beta users can now get an additional 100GB of cloud storage and lock in their first year of Cubby Pro for only $3.99/month (billed annually). That’s more than 40% of the GA price while we’re still in beta".

While Cubby is a potential alternative to Dropbox, however it remains to be seen if LogMein's product will go all guns blazing and risk losing, what looks like half its subscribers or will respect the sentiment of its users and provide the very feature for the good of the community, at least in the near term until superior features are launched further.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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