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New Year Brings New Cassandra NoSQL Database Release

Written by  Raja Rao | 03 January 2013
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cassandraThe Apache Software Foundation (ASF) today announced Apache Cassandra v1.2, the latest version of the highly-scalable, fault-tolerant, Big Data distributed database.

The release is yet another candidate that treats the fans of this nosql database with much improved performance to memory usage, column indexes, compaction streaming, startup times and others. Cassandra v1.2 also marks the release of CQL3 (version 3 of the Cassandra Query Language), to simplify application modeling, allow for more powerful mapping, and alleviate design limitations through more natural representation. Additionally it brings clustering across virtual nodes with improved rebuild times and atomic batches that can help patch any node failures.

Successfully handling thousands of requests per second, Apache Cassandra powers massive data sets quickly and reliably without compromising performance –whether running in the Cloud or partially on-premise in a hybrid data store. Apache Cassandra is successfully used by an array of organizations that include Adobe, Appscale, Appssavvy, Backupify, Cisco, Clearspring, Cloudtalk, Constant Contact, DataStax, Digg, Digital River, Disney, eBay, Easou, Formspring, Hailo, Hobsons, IBM,, Morningstar, Netflix, Openwave, OpenX, Palantir, PBS, Plaxo, Rackspace, Reddit, RockYou, Shazam, SimpleGeo, Spotify, Thomson-Reuters, Twitter, Urban Airship, US Government, Walmart Labs, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., and Yakaz.

"We are pleased to announce Cassandra 1.2," said Jonathan Ellis, Vice President of Apache Cassandra. "By improving support for dense clusters —powering multiple terabytes per node— as well as sying application modeling, and improving data cell storage/design/representation, systems are able to effortlessly scale petabytes of data."

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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