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Amazon EC2 Becomes More Faster and Sleeker With High Storage And Mobile App

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 06 January 2013
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amazon awsAmazon Web Services, announced High Storage instances last month, a new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance family optimized for applications requiring fast access to large amounts of data. This new year it backed it up with a much improved AWS management console along with release of an android app for the console.

The High Storage

These High Storage instances provide customers with 35 EC2 Compute Units (ECUs) of compute capacity, 117 GiB of RAM, 48 TB of storage across 24 hard disk drives, and are capable of delivering more than 2.4 GB per second of sequential I/O performance. With large amounts of direct attached storage per instance, these High Storage instances are ideal for data-intensive applications including Hadoop workloads, log processing and data warehousing, and parallel file systems to process and analyze large data sets in the AWS Cloud. 

Sleeker AWS Console

Amzaon from years has been the perfect usecase for iterative understanding of application usage patterns, addressing and improving the application exactly nailing the pain points derived from its analytics. If shopping cart on its website was an example to go by that has evolved over years, it has taken the same approach to understand the issues from how users are using its AWS management console and released its sleeker version.

The newer version of AWS console targets increased customization ability and information segregation and display, optimizing the performance of console from what was initially overloaded with growing number of services (21 in number). One can now rely on shortcuts to most used services with easy navigation.

aws console

Built in resource summaries, enhanced monitoring graphic view, filters for logical information display are few of the other enhancements that have made up this release.

An Android App For AWS Console

Further more for users who would like to access the console from their mobile, they are now provided with a new android app for the console. The app targets easy switching between AWS accounts and regions along with management of EC2 instances and CloudWatch alarms. Stop or reboot EC2 instances and look out for EC2 metrics with a swipe along with service charges.

aws console

Sudheer Raju

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