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Windows, iOS or Android, AcerCloud Now Allows Free File Sharing Across Devices

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 08 January 2013
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acercloudAcer today announced cross-platform support for AcerCloud targeting both capacity issues and file sharing/sync capabilities across platforms. AcerCloud, the company’s file sharing and media management solution is free to Acer customers and can share, sync files on devices with any OS including Windows or iOS or Android.

The routine alerts of storage capacity limitations and demand for more payments from storage vendors are put to bed within AcerCloud by giving control to users to choose a PC of their own to be treated a "Cloud PC", allowing them to use free space on a PC’s hard drive as cloud storage space. In addition it gives full control over their storage needs and better security.

Users can also use the new “Remote Files” application for direct access to any of their Windows PCs from any of their other devices.  They can upload and download files on any Android, iOS, or Windows device, whether at home or on the road, using Wi-Fi or their cellular network service. 

The storage platform also offers additional services like "AcerCloud Docs" that allows users to sync any documents they modify on their PC's with their devices via AcerCloud and retains them for 30 days since modification, providing reserve backup. "PicStream" and "" are two other services that completes the circle allowing users to sync their pictures and music libraries with AcerCloud from their devices.

With BYOD looming across enterprises this storage and sync mechanism presents a unique proposition to enterprises to stay secure and allow users to access PC's with reasonable control. Cloud storage for 2013 has become a big competitive space with Citrix, Dropbox, Box, Syncplicity and the regulars like CloudDrive, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive all doing their best either by offering unique propositions or by reducing storage prices to lure customers. Recently HP has teamed up with to offer storage by default on all commercial PC's offered by HP across UK.

“With AcerCloud, Acer now supports free file sharing between all of the key mobile devices, adding tremendous value to Acer customers,” said Acer President, Jim Wong.  “AcerCloud greatly simplifies our customers’ ability to manage all of their digital assets across all of their devices, regardless of platform.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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