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Yet Another MySQL DBaaS On Windows Azure PaaS Cloud Platform

Written by  Raja Rao | 09 January 2013
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CogDBCognosys Technologies launches Database as a Service on Azure PaaS offering a Cloud Based Database solution for mission critical applications. Cognosys Technologies database services solution- CogDB offers Cloud based scalable MySQL database hosting on PaaS using innovative High Availability design.

One of the challenges faced by Cloud Service Providers as well as Organizations using them is economical and optimal usage of the resources. Client applications which use MySQL as back-end RDBMS are always apprehensive about what happens if the Database server goes down or if there are high number of users than what present infrastructure can support? Design considerations such as peak load, server idling, response time etc. have to be taken into account. Let us try and understand what makes CogDB different from the rest of the pack and how is it able to overcome the above mentioned problems.

CogDB is a managed service spanning over large number of servers running across multiple cloud vendors providing a nearly no downtime architectural design and providing multiple master read and writes which is not provided in any normal MySQL deployment. Cognosys takes this challenge further by providing not only slave reads but also providing multiple master writes so that clients are able to connect to any of the masters not only based on latency but also based on least loaded server across network of servers thus minimizing time required to complete a SQL query.

Optimized application performance with built in load balancing as well as cache offerings are an advantage to this solution being offered. Effective implementation of scalable and reliable database-driven enterprise applications is possible with DBAs being able to scale up and down as per peak loads with very low latency in addition to offering freedom from mundane tasks like backup maintenance and upgrades. CogDB provides you with the power of MySQL combined with Cloud Technology leveraging high availability and Geo-replication.

GreenQloud, Clustrix and EnterpriseDB are some of the DBaaS launched earlier. 

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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