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eQuest Reveals The Role Of Big Data Analytics In HR

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 12 January 2013
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eQuestBig Data analytics is proving to be an added advantage to the Organizations in every way. The latest find is its use in hiring new talent. eQuest has come up with a way to forecast possibilities that transform the HR function from reactive to proactive, allowing for evidence-based decision making and efficient resource allocation. eQuest claims that its solutions can be advantageous even to small businesses and midsize companies.

HR is evolving over the decades as is any other department to find increasingly better ways to apply metrics and analytics to its human capital decisions. With the arrival of Big Data, HR has an unprecedented opportunity to become more data-driven, analytical and strategic in the way that it acquires talent. eQuest being a job posting Distribution Company has access to huge data if one goes by its figures of job posting deliveries averaging 250 million annually. ITs Big Data Metrics division claims to collects approximately 5 million job board performance statistics weekly.

The Company's solution is capable of developing insightful job posting campaigns by knowing which job boards provide the best candidates by job title and job location. IT uses Predictive Analysis Data to design correct job posting strategy when needed and also analysis of industry by volume, candidate source, candidate hire. It also generates reports to compare job performance in multiple aspects with executive summary of course maintaining easy readability and simple format. IT also helps employers understand how to measure their sourcing results, conduct reliable benchmarking and extract the maximum return on their job board investments.

“Talent constraints due to sourcing ineffectiveness lead to missed business opportunities or delayed business outcomes and decreased profitability,” said David Bernstein, vice president of eQuest’s Big Data division. “The promise of Big Data lies in its forecasting and real-time analysis capabilities. Properly used, it will drive more effective sourcing and faster hiring.”

By using eQuest solutions Companies can reduce costs, improve performance, and gain the agility to respond to the ever changing hiring requirements they face each day. eQuests client list includes world renowned companies offering HR-related software as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Taleo, Kenexa, and SuccessFactors.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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