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Dell Moves Ahead With New Security Services For Cloud Environments

Written by  Raja Rao | 16 January 2013
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Dell SecureworksSecurity is one of the key factors for decision-makers to consider in order to migrate their business to Cloud. Dell SecureWorks, information security services provider, has come up with two new services to address these concerns. They are Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) and Web Application Scanning (WAS) Service. 

These add-on Cloud security solutions are currently available for purchase by customers of Dell vCloud, Dell Cloud Dedicated Service and customers of VMware vCenter 5.0 environments.

Time is of the essence when protecting your organization's critical information assets against cyber threats. Sometimes considerable amount of time would have lapsed before patching the vulnerabilities, increasing business risk and expanding the window of exposure. Data and applications of all types, included web applications, hosted in the cloud can be just as vulnerable as those hosted on the customer premise. In addition to the above mentioned services, Dell also offers a service which offers expert analysis of millions of security data points related to new vulnerabilities, emerging threats and new adversary activity.

As per the Services announced, Dell SecureWorks security personnel will conduct regularly scheduled or “on demand” vulnerability scans of a customer’s cloud services and applications as well as the organization’s cloud-based Web applications. WAS for Cloud can scan web applications that reside behind login pages, enabling a security review of an organization’s Web applications. If security vulnerabilities are found during the scanning process, the customer will immediately receive recommendations on how to fix them. VMS and WAS for Cloud services are automatically updated to scan for new vulnerabilities, so the latest cyber threats are detected. And also both the services they will be integrated directly into the customer’s virtual datacentre and hence ease of use in cloud environments.

"Dell and Dell SecureWorks are committed to ensuring organizations' cloud-based IT assets are safe and secure," said Mark Wood, director of product manager for Dell SecureWorks Cloud Security Services. "Dell already employs Dell SecureWorks' award-winning security services to protect the infrastructure of its vCloud Datacenter. Now we are extending three of our key security solutions to Cloud customers so they can feel confident that their cloud-based applications and services are protected from the latest cyber threats."

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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