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Netsuite Acquires Retail Anywhere To Offer Integrated Cloud Business Suite

Written by  Raja Rao | 22 January 2013
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Netsuite RetailNetsuite announced that it has acquired Retail Anywhere, a provider of multi-channel retail management solutions. The Company plans to build on Its SuiteCommerce platform and bring Retail Businesses to Global Commerce Cloud. IT also offers retailers to grow revenues, open up new sales channels and expand their business globally by opening them to call centres, social media and B2B, B2C, and eCommerce via desktops, laptops, iPhone/iPad, and other smartphones and tablets.

Retail Anywhere created Retail Anywhere POS SuiteApp for NetSuite runs on traditional POS hardware as well as Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile devices to simply and securely conduct transactions from anywhere. The Retail Anywhere team brings its retail industry expertise and proven management acumen to NetSuite's eTail/Retail Products business unit.

The future of retail industry points to multi-channel retail capabilities that personalize the customer experience and bring more value to each retail interaction. SuiteCommerce enables retailers and other merchants to manage key B2C and B2B transactions across multiple touchpoints, including POS, websites, smartphones, tablets and call centres. The products' integrated business processes provide insight into customers and inventory across multiple touchpoints and locations, giving modern retailers the ability to provide better services.

With this acquisition, Netsuite enhances the capabilities of Retailers by

  • Enhancing customer visibility by leveraging data from across a business to provide the insight necessary for delivering personalized service, building customer loyalty and increasing revenue.
  • Supporting the latest POS hardware and mobility devices.
  • Ability to service customers anywhere using mobile devices.
  • Provides a single view of customer preferences and details to ensure retailers can deliver rewarding interactions anywhere.
  • Real-time insights into critical metrics and in turn enhance performance of the company.
  • Ensures quick and efficient processing of all orders.

"Up to now traditional retailing has been left behind as the rest of the world has embraced cloud technology," said Andy Lloyd, General Manager, Commerce Products at NetSuite. "With this acquisition, even brick-and-mortar retailers are able to become part of the rapidly evolving global commerce cloud. By adding an in-store solution to SuiteCommerce, NetSuite is enabling merchants to meet their customers' demands for cross-channel shopping integration. NetSuite Retail Anywhere further extends the reach of NetSuite's full platform of business capabilities to the showroom floor, where most retail business still takes place today."

Netsuite has earlier rolled out a two-tier ERP solution for Oracle as reported by us.

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Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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