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Hortonworks Breezes Ahead With New Version Of Enterprise Apache Hadoop Platform

Written by  Raja Rao | 24 January 2013
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hortonworks data platformHortonworks announced the release of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.2, which includes the latest version of Apache Ambari for comprehensive management, monitoring and provisioning of Apache Hadoop clusters is an open source platform powered by Apache Hadoop. This latest release comes with additional new capabilities for improving security and ease of use.

Ambari which is powered by an Apache open source community is one of the milestones of achievement in Apache Hadoop management. HDP1.2 improves the ease of enterprise adoption for Apache Hadoop with comprehensive management and monitoring, enhanced connectivity to high-performance drivers, and increased enterprise-readiness of Apache HBase, Apache Hive and Apache HCatalog projects.

The HDP 1.2 features a number of new enhancements designed to improve the enterprise viability of Apache Hadoop. Cluster management, cluster usage and performance metrics for jobs is now possible. The task to identify the root cause of performance bottlenecks or operations issues has enabled Hadoop users to identify issues and optimize future job processing. The product also provides an enhanced security architecture and pluggable authentication model that controls access to Hive tables and the metastore. It also improves scalability by supporting multiple concurrent query connections to Hive from business intelligence tools and Hive clients.

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The New release also provides an ODBC connector that enables the integration of current systems with high-performance drivers built for big data. Hortonworks delivered an ODBC connector that is enterprise ready and completely free. It also made some performance enhancements to HBase benefitting the customers.

“The inclusion of the newest version of Apache Ambari in the Hortonworks Data Platform represents a major step forward in the open source community and the Apache Hadoop ecosystem,” said Herb Cunitz, president of Hortonworks. “With a number of new features designed to improve the ease of use, management and security of Apache Hadoop, our newest release of the Hortonworks Data Platform is helping solidify Hadoop’s position as the de facto next-generation enterprise data platform. Hortonworks remains solely committed to developing a 100-percent open source, stable and reliable Apache Hadoop-based platform that will help grow and expand the ecosystem around Hadoop, driving the collection, storage, management and analysis of big data at leading enterprise organizations worldwide.”

The earlier release was in June last year as reported by us. HDP allows you to capture, process and share data in any format and at scale.

[Image Credits: Hortonworks]

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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