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VoltDB Says Its Velocity Database Can Handle Big Data

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 29 January 2013
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voltdbHandling Big Data in real-time is sure a challenge to many companies considering the volume, variety and velocity of data. Analysing the data in real-time and getting valuable insights into it, at the least possible time is the key. VoltDB claims that latest version of its product can deliver the performance and usability enabling unique and differentiated business value in Big Data.

VoltDB is an in-memory relational database that combines high-velocity data ingestion and real-time data analytics and decision making. Building applications that can ingest, analyse and act on massive volumes of data fast enough to deliver business value is the key to handle Big Data. The company claims to solve this problem by narrowing the "ingestion-to-decision" gap to matter of milliseconds. It also claims to enable real-time visibility into the data that drives business value.

Users can be benefitted using the product in various ways. The product supports JSON enabling flexible development methodologies. It also provides expanded SQL support to simplify complex, data velocity application development. Agility to update the schema in production systems enables no downtime. Cloud deployments minimize the hardware and network problems. It also has the ability to automate administration for mission critical use cases. Netezza, Vertica and JDBC export connectors ease integration with existing data architectures available.

"For big data to reach its full potential, developers must have the ability to solve the data velocity problem," said VoltDB President and CEO Bruce Reading. "VoltDB is the first company to solve this problem by designing an innovative architecture that leverages current hardware while marrying the structure and consistency one associates with relational databases with the speed and scalability of an in-memory database. This has enabled our customers to create the first generation of big data applications that truly deliver tremendous and immediate business value for their customers."

Organizations in markets ranging from financial services and Web media, to public utilities and national defense can use VoltDB to improve their business value. Founded by database legend Dr. Michael Stonebraker, VoltDB is privately held with offices in Billerica, Mass. and Santa Clara, Calif.

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