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Porticor Provides Security To VMware's Cloud Infrastructure

Written by  Raja Rao | 07 February 2013
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cloud securityData security is one of the major factors considered for the adoption of cloud computing by the organisations. VMware is one of the major players in providing cloud infrastructure. Cloud encryption and key management are fundamental building blocks for data security. Now Porticor has teamed up with VMware to provide data security to the customers with its unique technology.

In any business, users are more concerned about their data being exposed to their competitors. While adopting cloud computing, users are even more concerned that their data should not be accessible even to the cloud infrastructure provider. This is possible if the users have complete control over their data, be it public cloud or private cloud. The businesses should be made to feel secure by ensuring that even the provider of the services will not be able to read their data.

If the encryption keys used to encrypt sensitive data are under the control of the user, then this is possible. Each user must be provided with a separate key. Proticor provides solutions for public as well as private clouds. The unique technology behind the solutions provided is its split-key encryption and homomorphic key management.

key management 

In the case of public clouds, Virtual Appliances deployed on the same VMware-based infrastructure are available for public consumption after encryption using keys that are specific to a customer. The solution acts as an encryption and key management layer between VMware cloud infrastructure and the user. In the case of private clouds, the solution provides unique “tokens” for users, groups or roles and an API that integrates with the provider’s identity & access management solution. This enables individual and group identities to be maintained at the encryption layer.

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Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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