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NetCitadel Introduces Integrated Network Security

Written by  Angelo Racoma | 08 February 2013
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netcitadelA pioneer in Security Orchestration, NetCitadel has recently announced a technology which allows for a dynamic network protection strategy across a company's physical resources, its internet presence and across the cloud. This gives clients capabilities for consistent, accurate network security with policies that adapt to changes accruing from normal operations on the cloud and from virtualization.

The adaptive and dynamic strategy is expected to yield improvements in network protection.

The strategy uses a form of network intelligence that adapts to changes in the network and updates network security devices based on rules and context. This circumvents current manual approaches, which are prone to errors due to the large installations that have to be double checked every time a change occurs. This integration of network security across platforms saves time and resources, and it also serves as another layer of inherent security to the system. This also results in faster response time for necessary network security changes in the system. With the integration to current machines, this results in savings and efficiencies across all platforms.

One of the biggest concerns a corporation has with deploying to the cloud is the matter of security. This is paradoxical, since one reason for deployment to the cloud is to make for a secure environment where operations could be continued without any regard for location. The cloud also offers a redundancy with ready access to services and data. Although there is practically no concern for network security for a virtualized environment, the issue is about the capability for rapid changes on a virtualization-capable environment. With quick access to a virtual platform, there is a risk in taking shortcuts in network security.

Among other things, NetCitadel's strategy addresses the above concerns. With an intelligent context-aware network security, enterprise level security could be implemented automatically. Following rules and context, the strategy would allow for less human intervention, and less possible sources of error.

The solution not only saves time and money. It also helps in making sure that changes in the cloud or with apps on the cloud do not affect the current state of security. By making the job faster on these platforms, security on the physical machines is not put to risk. NetCitadel is also looking at using these strategies across a multivendor environment ensuring that the client does not spend for additional hardware just for the network security component.

NetCitadel has also launched OneControl, a product that can make a company's network security more agile. Whereas virtualization has lived up to its promise of rapid deployment, network security for virtual environments has not kept up. OneControl addresses that problem as it is able to adapt rapidly to new virtual servers.

With these developments, NetCitadel is poised to capture the enterprise network security space. It provides an agile, consistent and integrated network security for the enterprise. The changing landscape of a company's server usage is multi-pronged. It has to be able to use various technologies, it should be fast, and it can be on a physical server or on a virtual server environment.

The cloud and virtualization provide unique problems, but it all boils down to putting network intelligence into these tasks to make the work done faster and easier. Installing the corporate cloud is not an easy task. Implementing virtual machines is quite fast, without having to think of security controls.

Angelo Racoma

Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a journalist and community manager with a keen eye for emerging standards and technologies. Angelo writes for ToolsJournal covering Technology and Startups. Besides ToolsJournal he covers startups for, Android and Google at Android Authority, the APAC tech scene for Tech Wire Asia, and enterprise news at CMSWire.

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