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Netflix To Launch More Open Source Cloud Management Tools

Written by  Harpreet | 08 February 2013
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netflixNetflix loves developers! For several years, the company has worked very hard to build its cloud based architecture using the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The entire Netflix services stack works on AWS - video streaming and DVD rental services. The company has been providing its tools to developers openly. Netflix has been making it easier for developers to leverage its cloud management tools.

At a recent developer meet-up, Netflix introduced its new technology to the developers present there. The company already has plenty of open source cloud management tools available to developers. Netflix also showcases its roadmap for future releases for the developers. Netflix is keen to see how developers work on its architecture and adopt it on other tools and services.

Netflix has a series of tools that operate on Amazon's cloud offering. Cloud Architect Adrian Cockcroft said, "Our Company has been providing undifferentiated heavy lifting for the services that we wish to run on top of the cloud." Netflix, after standardizing its architecture over AWS, has been adding new tools to make use of new features released by Amazon for AWS.

One can make out how excited Netflix is on letting developers use its code to build exciting services that make use of its cloud management architecture on other tools and services. The company is making its tools appear easier and more relevant across verticals.

To make that possible, the company is going to launch a number of "recipes" that will allow developers to build a number of copies of its open source applications work seamlessly altogether. Netflix will also roll out a simplified version of a launcher to make deployment a walk in the park.

Cockcroft added, "We started of a few years ahead of the industry." He said that he believes that it is always better to allow developers to leverage its architecture. If all goes well for Netflix, a number of developers using the same architecture and tools will result in a more standardized approach in the development of cloud based services. That takes care of compatibility on a much larger scale. 

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