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Map 360 Degree Panoramic Images Of Field Data With Virtual Geomatics

Written by  Sorab Ghaswalla | 13 February 2013
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vg4dInformation gathering in the field can throw up all kinds of challenges, and companies in the business of end-to-end data collection have to live up to them. Many are now using the cloud to deliver some of their critical applications.

One such company, the Denver, US-based Virtual Geomatics' Inc, founded in 2007, is a software developer of the LiDAR/Point Cloud data solutions used for critical large-scale engineering applications. These are used for real world applications like traditional mapping and by railway & roadway transportation companies; among others. Clients who use Virtual’s services include roadlines, distribution lines, and companies who want volumetric analysis deployed in the geological, environment and security business.

To make such data gathering an even more accurate process, Virtual has now gone and launched the PanoLiDAR Viewer; a stand-alone tool, designed to visualize the LiDAR point cloud along with the 360 degree panoramic images collected by laser scanning. The overlay of point cloud and corresponding image provides accurate measurements and asset extraction. The point cloud comes embedded in the new Viewer, and this immediately picks up features in the image, thus enhancing image resolution.

Virtual has various products in its kitty – the VG4D SmartLiDAR Software Solution, which creates 3D videos of select real-life applications and the LiDAR RoadXTract - a stand-alone tool, designed to help road and rail transportation engineers and DOTs to extract design grade features from LiDAR data.

Using the PanoLiDAR, a user can import LiDAR in a native ECEF format, and outputs from ESRI, Bentley and Autodesk products. Furthermore, the user can import customized feature list for a specific deliverable, thereby reducing the processing time and increasing efficiency.

VG4D Smart LiDAR solutions are built on the LiDAR point cloud visualization engine. The software's key characteristics -- accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use and efficiency -- make it the best software choice for industry leaders who want to leverage LiDAR in their projects today.

VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer with add-on modules is the flagship product of the VG4D SmartLiDAR solutions. It is fully equipped with customized process-oriented workflow for mobile, corridor, airborne and static LiDAR/point cloud datasets. Virtual claims the VG4D SmartLiDAR(TM) Explorer together with its add-on modules is ‘’the industry’s most powerful and flexible tool available today’’.

[Image Credits: Virtual Geomatics]

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla is the Founder of India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP, an Internet Entrepreneur & Consultant, a journalist, and owner/Editor of 2 websites. In his free time, he contemplates the larger implications of digital life.

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