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Dropbox Beefs Up For The Enterprise Segment

Written by  Harpreet | 13 February 2013
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dropboxDropbox is serious about winning over enterprise users. The popular file sharing platform has started tightening its Dropbox for Team features to please IT managers. Dropbox has shown a keen interest in developing itself for the enterprise segment, a move that started with the launch of Dropbox for Teams.

Starting Tuesday, the company will further strengthen Dropbox for Teams with more powerful features for both users and IT managers. The added features should provide a sense of security as well as convenience to the skeptic enterprise users. The update will allow administrators to easily track user’s activity and better manage documents and files.

As per Dropbox, the new features will allow administrators to:

  • View member details such as per-user storage usage, web sessions, linked devices and third-party apps.
  • View team activity
  • Set sharing controls for members and allow team members to decide access level on a case-by-case basis

Sujay Jaswa, VP of business development at Dropbox says, "Over 2 million businesses have people inside them using Dropbox." That's a pretty decent number for a startup that rejected Apple's acquisition offer. "It's already pervasive, we just want to make it easier for IT to say yes to those people asking for Dropbox," he added.

Dropbox is already being used at the enterprise sector, more for its convenience than the lack of enterprise tags on its packaging. However this hasn't always met with an approval from the IT administrators due to possible concerns of lack of control. Dropbox is making a full-on attempt to get a nod from administrators and to convince them how much they can control Dropbox for Teams.

Dropbox for Teams currently costs $795 per year for 5 users. For every additional user there's a charge of $125. The company currently boasts of having 100 million users. There's no exact figure on how that number splits between free and paid users. Neither has the company revealed how many of those users currently use Dropbox for Teams.

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