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Apigee Builds Big Data Analytics From APIs And Apps Ecosystem

Written by  Harpreet | 13 February 2013
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apigeeApigee today announced that it is launching Apigee Insights, a big data analytics app that organizations can access via Apigee's API management platform. Using Apigee Insights, the company claims that organizations will be able to gain new business insights using "broad" data. It will enable companies to connect and analyze massive amounts of external data via APIs, applications, social and even mobile ecosystems.

Apigee also announced that it is happy to note a 200% year over year growth in business. Anant Jhingran, director of data at Apigee said that several organizations are unable to tap into API management as they have no real clue on how the APIs are being used. He also stated that organizations which are able to understand APIs will be able to manage them like any other product that they currently use.

As per the company, Apigee Insights is a highly distributed platform that brings data from customer's API programs together with data from internal systems and available online data sources. The company also boasts that it delivers in-depth analysis and high performance with a multiple-channel data aggregator, distributed processing engine amongst other tools. Apigee Insights also takes care of scaling issues in the long term.

As more and more web traffic starts flowing through APIs, than web protocols, companies are ultimately set to lose visibility into the end user behavior. Jhingran added that Apigee is trying its best to create a bonus for customers o use its core API management platform. The company will enable a set of big data analytics applications that allow organizations to restore all the lost visibility.

What's interesting to note here is that a clever approach towards API management, the one that will make use of available data sources, will go a long way towards solving real world problems that organizations are going to face. Apigee Insights will indeed make it easy for app developers to use their time and resources much more efficiently to ensure APIs function as promised.

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