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SugarSync Goes All Out To Attract Businesses

Written by  Mandira | 18 February 2013
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sugarsyncCloud sync provider, SugarSync announces some exciting business plans and pricing, featuring unlimited storage and unlimited users/seats for businesses, especially large organizations. Backup and storage space are very essential to every organization and now they never have to worry about running out of storage space.

The company is already offering products that enable its customers to be prepare for backup, sync and share your files. These unlimited storage and syncing plans will also help businesses at the time of system failure, security breach, or administrative accident to avoid downed services.

SugarSync’s business plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited users, and offer sync to any file or folder on any device. You can send files of any size from any of your devices. You can also prevent unauthorized modification to your files and folders by setting up read-only or edit permissions to anyone.

The solution offers secure and trusted file transfer as files are encrypted using 128-bit AES keys. Users can access your files using any web browser or SugarSync mobile apps. Additionally, it offers admin dashboard, backup, disaster recovery, free live support, easy billing, and outlook plugin. New features like an admin interface that lets you add users and monitor the network activity. Outlook Plugin saves email storage by sending links to files directly from Outlook instead of bulky attachments.

The company has also released its 2.0 version of the product, including new features that make it easier than ever for groups to share and find files. Additionally, SugarSync Drive allows consumer to allow you to keep track of all the data you have synced across your personal cloud, including mobile phones and PCs.

Commenting about these new business plans, Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync said, “We have witnessed the ultimate example of consumerization of IT over the past year, including tremendous adoption of our service by businesses that are storing more and more data in the Cloud each day. We want to allow companies of all sizes and their teams to have the capacity they need at an affordable price, without having to worry about quotas or storage.”

SugarSync’s new business plans start with a flat price of $550 per year (or $55-per-month), which includes three users; unlimited storage and add additional users at any time for $125 per seat. For those who wish to test drive the business service of SugarSync can go for 30 days free trial.

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