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SDN Based Dynamic Load-Balancing Service From GoGrid To Manage Apps

Written by  Raja Rao | 20 February 2013
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gogrid dynamic load balanceEven though servers are designed for load balancing, at times they crash due to unexpected sudden spikes. Dynamic load balancing becomes all the more important in such scenarios. GoGrid now offers Software-Defined Networking based Dynamic Load Balancer to overcome this problem. The company provides a cloud-based load-balancing service to design and manage high-availability infrastructure.

Customers can deploy and scale load-balancing services, allowing them to dynamically scale network services to support essential infrastructure. Among other benefits the service provides elasticity and on-demand control needed to efficiently manage cloud infrastructure. With this service, customers can manage load across multiple servers moving it to multiple locations as well and also prevent server overload during sudden traffic spikes.

GoGrid's management console lets users dynamically edit load balancer configurations including server weights for optimal traffic management. It also enables them to add or remove servers on-the-fly. This is done programmatically through its API and management console. Self-healing Dynamic Load Balancers constantly monitor the health of customers’ application servers.

The company claims that Dynamic Load Balancer was natively architected for the cloud taking advantage of the distributed nature of cloud environment.  It also doesn’t rely on any proprietary hardware that could become a single point of failure.

"If you’re deploying applications in the cloud, load balancing is an essential requirement,” said Mark Worsey, GoGrid’s CIO and EVP of technology. “During development, our priority was making sure this service is virtualized and programmable like our other compute and storage services. For the past 10 years, GoGrid has pioneered cloud IaaS services that let global businesses dynamically scale their infrastructure on-demand. With our new Dynamic Load Balancer, we bring our cloud computing expertise to this essential network layer."

You only pay for what you use, service fees being calculated on an hourly basis and for outbound traffic through the Load Balancer. What’s more, the first Load Balancer is free.

[Image Credits: GoGrid]

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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