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Bina Announces The Bina Box, Cloud Coming Soon

Written by  Harpreet | 20 February 2013
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bina cloudBina Technologies has announced that it plans to launch its Bina Box, hardware for on-premise genome processing, which will empower researchers to efficiently analyze genomes and provide doctors with data-driven feedback for treating patients. The new hardware from Bina will provide for another use case for analysts where public could isn't a solution.

Narges Bani Asadi, Bina's co-founder and CEO, said, "Use a genome sequencer to see one person's DNA profile, and you'll get 6 billion unique characters." She further stated that the data may be as much as half a terabyte. Further processing it to drill down into mutations, variations and more - the overall data would cross 1TB.

As per the company, genome sequencing is a big data problem. Bina hopes to solve it on the customer's premise itself - with both hardware as well as software. The Bina Box runs on high end Intel processors powered by high bandwidth memory. It can easily scale - with additional Bina Boxes - as per the customer's requirements.

Pricing, which is a crucial aspect, depends on the amount of processing required by customers. For about 100 samples a month, it will cost $12,500, which translates into $125 per sample.

Bina Technologies will also reveal the Bina Cloud which will be integrated with the Bina Box. The service will be launched sometime later this year. The cloud segment will host the genomic data, ideally isolated from the entire genome. It will enable scientists to run data visualizations and collaborate as much as they like.

The Bina Box comes with added advantages, primarily - security. According to Bani, "it (Bina Box) provides security on-premise but sometimes people in this industry are not completely ready to move into." It's a misconception that the company will need to clarify with a little help from the marketing department.

Bina Technologies is a big data science platform aimed at accelerating personalized medicine for researchers and clinicians. The company helps provide accurate and scalable genomic analysis. Bina was started by a team of Stanford and Berkeley researchers and entrepreneurs. The company's vision of whole genome sequencing (WGS) is aimed at solving real big data problems faced by the industry.

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