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Infosys Launches A Faster And More Intuitive Big Data Product

Written by  Sorab Ghaswalla | 21 February 2013
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infosys big dataWorld-famous technology company Infosys’s new product, the BigDataEdge, launched today, promises to shave off as much as 40 percent of the time normally needed to extract information, and will be eight times faster in generating insights into an enterprise’s data.

Infosys says it has introduced the BigDataEdge solution to alter and make simpler, the complex task of analysing Big Data. It will help enterprises make better business decisions in near-real time since the new solution shall help users to rapidly develop insights from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Includes a rich visual interface with more than 50 customizable dashboards and 250 built-in algorithms. These algorithms, a set of reusable business rules both function and industry-specific, enable business teams to self-serve the process of building insights while minimising the need for technical intervention
  • Comes with around 50 data source connectors, which allow easy access to structured and unstructured data residing across enterprise and external sources. This will help accelerate the discovery of relevant information from existing, underutilized data
  • Contains a powerful collaboration wall and pre-built workflows that allow teams across functions to interact on insights and collectively implement decisions
  • Has a Logical Data Warehouse providing a virtual data management architecture, eliminates the need for physical availability of data to build and test insights

BigDataEdge can be put to several uses – industry-specific applications, for online fraud detection and prevention, predictive analysis and monitoring, and stuff like that.

Among the many companies, Infosys is providing Big Data services to, is Oracle. The Infosys BigDataEdge platform leverages Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Exadata Database Machine to help its clients acquire, organize, analyse, and take action on these insights.

Announcing the new platform, Vishnu Bhat, Vice President and Global Head - Cloud, Infosys, said, "Enterprises today cannot afford to spend an inordinate amount of time making sense of the data deluge that surrounds them. Infosys BigDataEdge draws upon our deep research and development capabilities and proven expertise in Big Data and analytics to help clients turn data into revenues faster. This platform is already enabling ten global organizations to develop actionable insights in a matter of days and act on them from day one."

[Image Credits: Infosys]

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla is the Founder of India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP, an Internet Entrepreneur & Consultant, a journalist, and owner/Editor of 2 websites. In his free time, he contemplates the larger implications of digital life.

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