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Pentaho Instaview Templates Improves Big Data Access And Analysis

Written by  Mandira | 22 March 2013
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pentaho bigdata templatesTo accelerate the big data analytics cycle, Pentaho Corporation has new templates for its Instaview big data discovery application. These new templates analyses big data in 3 easy steps and enable data analysts and IT professionals to discover, visualize and explore large volumes of diverse data.

Many organizations lack right approach to big data integration. These templates are also gaining value from big data—data integration. The company has planned to release templates for MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics and Cloudera Impala on a weekly basis for download from the Pentaho site.

Pentaho Instaview reduces the time taken for data analysts and scientists to discover visualize and explore large volumes of diverse data. It follows easy three-easy steps, visual process. The Instaview templates enable users to change metadata without having to delve into the complexities of accessing the underlying data.

The Instaview templates provide a visual interface to Pentaho Data Integration. These templates give instant access to Twitter, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, and Cloudera Impala.

Richard Daley, founder and chief strategy officer, Pentaho Corporation said, “Pentaho’s new Instaview templates reduce the complexity of managing these multiple data sources by offering a simple three-step process for choosing, preparing and analyzing big data, transforming the way companies access and analyze information.”

It seems that Pentaho Corporation is very committed to deliver a complete range of business analytics software. Recently the company has become technology partner of Intel Corp. and signed an OEM licensing agreement with Intel.

Under this agreement, Intel will integrate the entire range of software applications in the Pentaho Business Analytics platform into the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software (Intel Distribution). This is win- win situation for both the companies.

The Intel Distribution will show Pentaho’s complete range of analytics software that includes data mining, interactive reporting, analysis, data discovery/visualizations, dashboards, predictive analytics, data integration and of course full support for big data. On the other hand, Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software with integrated analytics software from Pentaho will allow companies to store, process and analysis massive volumes of relational and non-relational data.

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