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Cloud Foundry Adds PHP, Python, DJango And Goes One Up Its Rivals

Written by  ToolsJournal | 26 August 2011
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Early this year VMWare has given a scare to its competitors launching Cloud Foundry, its OpenSource Platform As A Service (PAAS). It now takes a step ahead towards making that scare a relaity by adding PHP, Python and Django languages support to Cloud Foundry. What is interesting is VMWare has just about released this week Micro Cloud Foundry, a fully functional platform as a service on developers PC running as a virtual image. And now building a whole ecosystem around it to build frameworks as you like. While the developer community will ove this, would be worth to see how the legacy providers react.

Cloud Foundry
PaaS start-up Appfog (formerly PHP Fog) fresh-off attracting 20k PHP developers and this year is contributing PHP as a language to the Cloud Foundry project. They are also launching a new service,, based on the Cloud Foundry open source code, giving them outstanding experience working with both PHP and Cloud Foundry code. This more or less appears like many birds in one shot. VMWare with this becomes a knwoledge base for PHP literally from not having any expertise. 

The first version of Micro Cloud Foundry supports popular, high-productivity programming frameworks and application services including:

  • Spring for Java
  • Ruby on Rails and Sinatra
  • Node.js
  • Grails and other JVM-based frameworks including Scala Lift
  • MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis application services
  • VMware plans to include support for additional VMware vFabric services in future versions of Micro Cloud Foundry

The unexpected pace at which VMWare is going with, to simplify everything for the developers life on cloud will be watched carefully by its legacy rivals like Google, Microsoft and other PAAS providers. The interest in Cloud continues to grow with the number of beta users more than doubling and the number of applications more than tripling since the offering was unveiled in April 2011. Cloud has already received hundreds of material contributions from the open source community, including additional frameworks and languages such as Erlang, JRuby, PHP and Python as well as data services such as Neo4J.


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