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ViberMedia uses NOSQL + Cloud to Provide Free Texts and Calls

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 02 November 2011
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Mobile Cloud10gen, the company behind MongoDB, today announced that Viber Media is using MongoDB as the core cloud infrastructure for its popular iPhone® and Android™ applications that offer free phone calls and text messaging between users over 3G and wireless networks. Viber selected MongoDB for its ability to scale as more users join the Viber community, and to manage peak and unpredictable data loads from its 30 million plus registered mobile users.

"Our user base has skyrocketed and it's a testament to MongoDB as the preeminent database for the cloud that we've been able to meet such thriving demand," said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber Media. "In under a year, we've added over 18 million active users who talk on Viber for more than 11 million minutes every day, and MongoDB is core to our ability to scale operations as activity fluctuates."

Viber enables users to talk and text for free with other Viber users without having to sign up, create a separate account, or log in. Once the app is launched, the user simply enters his or her cell number and is automatically part of the community. MongoDB manages the intercommunity data exchange that enables users to call and text one another. Each time a Viber user connects a cell phone to the network, MongoDB receives call-related information. Viber has been using MongoDB on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since early 2011, and its deployment has grown to 130 nodes in under six months.

"We are excited that Viber Media is able to leverage MongoDB for a large scale mobile VoIP and text messaging service deployed on the AWS cloud. The tremendous response from consumers speaks to the functionality and quality of the service they have built; by building on top of MongoDB, Viber can economically scale to serve millions of active users," said Erik Frieberg, vice president of marketing and alliances at 10gen. "Many of our customers use MongoDB for applications with a high volume of users and massive data management requirements."

"Companies around the world benefit from the flexibility and scalability offered by MongoDB on AWS. We are excited that Viber Media chose AWS' secure, on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud platform to deploy their MongoDB applications," said Terry Wise, director of business development for Amazon Web Services.

MongoDB is an open source database, combining scalability, performance and ease of use with traditional relational database features such as dynamic queries and indexes. It has become the leading NoSQL database of choice for companies who are developing innovative large-scale applications and performing real-time "Big Data" analytics.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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