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Hybrid Cloud and Not Private Cloud Is Top Technology For 2012

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 28 November 2011
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Hybrid Cloud
The hybrid cloud is one cloud computing implementation model that allows workloads, applications, and virtual machines to be ported between public and private clouds as necessary. Because hybrid cloud “brings together external public cloud services and internal private cloud services, as well as the capabilities to secure, manage and govern the entire cloud spectrum,” Gartner says it will be a “major focus for 2012.” Already these benefits have resulted in hybrid cloud making up around 20% of all current enterprise cloud deployments, according to a recent Market Pulse survey.

While its all fine to have private clouds built to keeping security in mind, there is an argument that many of the benefits of cloud computing go out the window the minute a CIO runs a cloud behind their firewall, as Amazon has cogently argued. While its evident that the cloud providers had to have a soft speak to convince CIO's to assure data security behind private clouds, i guess the flexibility of having a combination of public/private clouds as main/burst capacity and viceversa appeals more to organizations and CIO's today along with cost benefits that it provides. 

Tier 3, providers of an agile, self-optimizing enterprise cloud platform to enterprises large and small said they are seeing first-hand how their customers are increasing business agility by leveraging enterprise hybrid cloud computing. Infact Tier 3 has recently presented a webinar on hybrid cloud and how it is enabling business agility, view the replay below a recent hybrid cloud webinar (presented by Tier 3 in collaboration with VMware and Equinix).

Increasing Operational Agility with Hybrid Cloud

While hybrid clouds only make up to 20% of enterprise clouds, its going towards the one as preferred and growing technology according to Gartner and soon something that all cloud providers will follow VMWare and Eucalyptus to provision the hybrid clouds.
Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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