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Cloudera Enhances Enterprise Management Software For Hadoop and Offers Free Distribution

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 08 December 2011
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HadoopCloudera Inc., the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software and services, today unveiled Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 with Cloudera Manager, the industry's first and most comprehensive management application for Hadoop. The software includes innovative new features, including proactive health checks, intelligent Hadoop log management and operational reporting.

Comprised of both Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Support, a subscription to Cloudera Enterprise provides data driven enterprises with the visibility, reliability and automation for the Apache Hadoop platform needed to cost-effectively derive meaningful analytics from their large unstructured and structured data sets.

The latest features and enhancements to Cloudera Enterprise's management software component, Cloudera Manager, marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to empower organizations to more efficiently deploy, manage and optimize Hadoop clusters throughout their entire operational lifecycle. The software uniquely offers developers and IT administrators a complete, end-to-end view over production Hadoop clusters from a single interface by monitoring important service performance metrics and proactively sending alerts when approaching critical thresholds. Cloudera Manager delivers centralized security management and empowers Hadoop operators with the tools they need to address business priorities that are top of mind for enterprise CIOs, including simplifying, de-risking and accelerating Hadoop deployment, reducing associated adoption and administration costs, and achieving performance and reliability goals.

Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 is the answer for organizations looking to deploy and run Apache Hadoop at scale in production environments and includes industry first features designed to streamline Hadoop deployments and support user productivity, including:

  • Intelligent Hadoop Log Management: Gathers and scans Hadoop logs for irregularities and proactively create events for the operator.
  • Global Time Control: Correlates cluster-wide jobs, activities, logs, system changes, configuration changes and service metrics along a single timeline to dramatically simplify diagnosis.
  • Alerts: Alerts on nodes or services in poor health, as well as jobs or activities that are slow or failing; integrates with the central company alerting system.
  • Support Integration: Takes a snapshot of the cluster state and automatically sends it to a Cloudera support professional to assist with diagnosis and resolution.

Cloudera Manager -- Free Edition
The company also announced today a basic version of its Cloudera Manager software available for free download. The Cloudera Manager Free Edition, which replaces SCM Express, makes it easier than ever for businesses and developers to install, configure and perform basic management of an Apache Hadoop cluster. The software supports up to 50 nodes and is immediately available as a free download at

"Cloudera believes passionately in the value of open source software and constantly strives to make wider production use of Apache Hadoop more accessible for enterprises. With the expansion of capabilities in our Hadoop management system, we continue to set the standard for Apache Hadoop adoption by rapidly incorporating real-world feedback from our customer base into Cloudera Enterprise," said Charles Zedlewski, VP of Product at Cloudera. "The latest innovations and robust features of Cloudera Manager further enable our customers to improve data insights and Hadoop system operations."

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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