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Can Big Data As a Service Be Next On Offer?

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 09 January 2012
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BigDataMajor business like Amazon, Apple, IBM and others store vast amount of data within their systems for customers around the world. Now is it an option to analyze such big data and offer as a service by the leaders in cloud? Well ofcourse either offer as service to cutomers or to optimize their own online presence.

blog at the New York Times suggests that the retailing giant amazon could be cooking something in this front owing to its superior analytics capability and data storage and apply it to run its online operation as an AWS service. While AWS says this is a rumour its a thought that definitely will revolutionize businesses and probably few would want to be left behind rather than becoming a pioneer.

“Amazon has the expertise and the computing power to do something like this,” says Kyle McNabb, a vice president at research firm Forrester. “They could rent an analytics engine to people on a quarterly basis, possibly offer to match your data to other large data sets and find something useful.”

Amazon has a number of unique assets that can be brought to bear should it decide to offer a big data service. First and foremost, it has a wealth of data that it gathers from its own operations and its affiliates, and makes these figures available on a very select basis to its largest retailers in a service called called Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium. It would not be difficult for Amazon to offer such a service, since many of the company’s major products are already on Amazon Web Services, and other legacy applications are being moved there. That means that data management tools like Map Reduce (currently a feature in Amazon Web Services), payment security and fraud detection software, and Amazon’s product recommendation engine could all be in the system. 

The Elastic MapReduce from Amazon, an implementation of Hadoop data muncher powers major providers like Yelp, Foursquare, Etsy and Razorfish along with some taking it a step forward to create plugin to Eclipse IDE to query data stored in Elastic MapReduce. NYT states that “They are particularly interested in fraud detection and product recommendation, which are proven valuable things,” says the chief executive of an analytics software company who requested anonymity because of his ongoing business discussions with Amazon. 

Talking about competitors Forrester has claimed that someone will offer this as a service in absence of qualified people to make sense of the big data primarily pointing to leaders like Oracle which has assets but might not take interest or IBM and Apple is a possibility given the focus on customer behavior the companies have compared to others. But needless to say who has the better resources to pioneer this. Remember 2012, the year of BigData?

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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