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Rightsizing Your Cloud With Cloudyn

Written by  Raja Rao | 06 February 2012
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Cloudyn today announced the general availability of the next generation in cloud cost management solutions, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for dynamically optimizing the costs of cloud computing resources.

Cloudyn provides IT managers and CIOs with personalized, ongoing analytics to identify unnecessary spending, unused resources, and over-provisioned services, ongoing notifications for proactive control of their cloud expenses, and comprehensive prescriptive actions for continuously optimizing frequently changing pricing plans and deployment configuration, such as downscaling, resource reallocation, and switching to cost-effective pricing plans.

The key features of Cloudyn include

  • Non-intrusive and agent-less SaaS that can be activated in minutes. 
  • Automatic discovery of your cloud deployment configuration and continuously tracks deployment changes. 
  • Detailed downscaling recommendations and reports suspected under-utilized resources and unused instances.
  • Recommend best price plan for your cloud environment based on your existing price plans, instances location, instance types, and run-time duration.
  • Enables Proactive control of your cloud expenses and avoid budget violations by using Cloudyn’s notifications for unusual consumption spikes, cost deviations, and up-to-date savings opportunities.
  • Designed and built with security in mind. Instead of asking for your cloud master account to monitor your environment, Cloudyn utilizes a read-only cloud user that can only read performance metrics. Your personal billing information, usage reports, and virtual instances remain secure. All data transmissions between your clouds and Cloudyn are protected and encrypted.
  • Cloudyn offers predictive analysis of your cloud cost and capacity along with recommendations for how to best utilize your existing cloud configuration.
While in beta release, Cloudyn actively managed more than 50,000 virtual servers daily, delivering an average of 40% cloud-related cost savings per customer, and has facilitated more than $1M USD in aggregated savings.

This automated SaaS solution neither reconfigures nor redeploys cloud resources, requiring no software installation and only minimal access privileges. Cloudyn provides customers with personalized and customized recommendations for their current and future cloud investments through proprietary algorithms and event driven engines. Cloudyn currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) compute and database services and is developing integration with other popular cloud environments. Utilizing a cloud agnostic API for multi-cloud support, Cloudyn will be able to grow with the changing market preferences.


Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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