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Xeround Enables Free Cloud Based MySQL Database Engine

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 08 February 2012
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Xeround (pronounced zeh-round) is a cloud service that replaces your existing MySQL database and provides seamless MySQL scalability and high availability has announced a free version available to its community this week.  Xeround FREE provides MySQL users with a zero-management, simple, highly available – and best of all completelyfree - cloud database solution.

Xeround runs in the cloud, allowing you to scale your database up or out automatically, and maintain availability even in the event of failure. Currently, you can run your database on Amazon Web Services and on Rackspace, as well as via the Heroku platform, with additional cloud service providers being added.

Basing itself on variety of NoSQL bases like distributed hash table, distribute Btrieve for data access and distributed object store Xeround runs inside a virtual machine and stores data in virtual partitions that are not bound to the underlying hardware infrastructure. Each partition is replicated to the different Data Nodes located on separate servers, providing high availability and full resiliency within MySQL engine providing a single snapshot to MySQL. 

This enables Xeround service the ability to automagically and seamlessly add database processing capacity to MySQL databases without resorting to clustering at a higher level in the software stack or modifying applications.

While the existing releases are on offer with a price tag Xeround is offering a free version for life as long as you keep the size within 10MB to increase the momentum around its usage and also offer a free-bie to its loyal customers.

The commercial versions of Xeround that are currently offered include

Xeround BASIC suitable for medium-size applications looking for a cost-effective, plug-&-play, highly available database solution in the cloud. Xeround BASIC is limited up to 250MB and is offered in tiered pricing starting at $17/month.

Xeround PRO (commercial version that launched last June) is suitable for mission-critical, larger-scale applications that require unlimited scalability, high availability SLA, scheduled backups and more. Xeround PRO already has more than 300 paying customers and boasts a complete end-to-end solution for seamlessly running MySQL applications in the cloud. Xeround PRO is offered in a pay-per-use model starting at $0.21 for GB/hour of data (with a minimum charge for 0.5GB), and $0.43 for GB of data transfer.

Both Xeround BASIC and Xeround PRO are available on Xeround’s datacenters on Amazon EC2 in the US and in Europe, Rackspace and on the Heroku platform while Xeround FREE is initially offered on Amazon EC2 US-East datacenter and as an Heroku add-on, expanding to additional regions/clouds in the future.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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