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Don't Be Bothered By Translation Memory Management Says CloudWords

Written by  Raja Rao | 15 March 2012
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Cloudwords, Inc., the world’s leading global translation management company, today unveiled “OneTM,” the unified translation memory management solution in the cloud. Customers can easily bring together all of their translation memory assets, combine all past and future language translations across all departments and audiences at the enterprise level and proactively edit it themselves to drive maximum consistency and quality for their translations.

OneTM is available as part of the Cloudwords Translation Management Automation (TMA) Platform, the first cloud-based service to help businesses manage the complexity of translation projects from creation to vendor selection to project and billing management.

OneTM addresses and solves global translation challenges by:

  • Enabling companies to centrally manage their translation memory asset in the cloud,
  • Allowing different individuals and groups to tap into one translation memory,
  • Providing a secure and scalable way to search, edit and modify translation memory before it is used in the next translation project, and
  • Driving consistency and higher quality across all translated materials within the company.

Scott Yancey, CTO and Co-Founder of Cloudwords said “With OneTM, Cloudwords has delivered technology that enables companies to re-think the way they approach translation. More and more of today’s business success hinges on the ability to communicate with global customers in a timely and consistent manner. OneTM helps improve translation processes while helping keep tight control of budgets.”

Developed by Cloudwords CTO and Co-Founder Scott Yancey and former CTO Craig Weissman, OneTM extends Cloudwords’ revolutionary approach to the management of translation:

  • Consistency & Quality: OneTM provides companies a simple way to centrally manage their translation memory across all departments and audiences at the enterprise level, ensuring consistent use of terminology, tone-of-voice and improving quality.
  • Flexibility & Efficiency: With OneTM, companies can reduce the review cycle time associated with editing, modifying and replacing their translation memory data with phrases and language that can make a material difference to their business, regardless of the language it needs to be communicated in.
  • Increased ROI: With one centralized location to store and manage translation across all audiences, OneTM levels the playing field for translation project management and instantly increases ROI across all translation projects.
  • Levels the Playing Field: By unifying a company’s translation memory into a single, always up-to-date, cloud-based location, OneTM levels the playing field for translation vendors such that they know exactly what they are quoting for and can deliver the highest possible quality and contextually accurate translation at the lowest cost for their existing and potential clients.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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