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Riak CS From Basho Enables Enterprise Cloud Storage

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 27 March 2012
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RiakCSBasho Technologies, the leader in distributed database technologies, today unveiled Riak CS, enterprise software providing simple, available, distributed cloud storage at any scale. The release of Riak CS positions Basho to strategically participate in the rapidly growing cloud storage market.

Riak CS allows organizations to benefit from storage capabilities similar to Amazon S3 by enabling the following scenarios:

  • Powering Public Clouds. Communications and service providers can deploy Riak CS to power their public cloud storage and create differentiated services;
  • Powering Private Clouds. Enterprises can leverage Riak CS to implement a private storage cloud, gaining control over costs, features and security;
  • Enabling New Web-based Services. Web-based businesses and startups can offer customers an S3-equivalent API for their download service or internal use.

“Basho now has the capability to change the existing dynamics in Big Data storage and is committed to capitalizing on these capabilities to be a major provider of software to the rapidly evolving cloud storage market,” said Don Rippert, Chief Executive Officer at Basho Technologies. “Enterprises are increasingly powering their businesses on public and private clouds. Communication providers and cloud operators around the world are building out highly scalable public cloud computing infrastructure with aggressive economics and offering a variety of service levels. We anticipate that large enterprises will also seek similar technology to deploy behind-the-firewall to handle dynamic workloads and meet emerging Big Data requirements throughout their organizations. Backed by years of developing distributed database software, Riak CS is well positioned to serve as the catalyst that enables the next era of the cloud storage market, powering both fast-growing public clouds and super efficient private clouds.”

Notable Features of Riak CS:

  • Multi-Tenant: Riak CS’s multi-tenant cloud storage allows enterprises to achieve economies of scale, more efficiently manage compute resources and deliver storage-as-a service to internal and external users.
  • Amazon S3 API Compatibility: Riak CS is compatible with the S3 API, providing an easy-to-use interface and allowing enterprises to use existing S3 tools and frameworks or import and extract Amazon data.
  • Reporting: Enterprises gain visibility and control of their public or private cloud with per-tenant usage data and statistics on network I/O. Riak CS reporting supports use cases including billing, accounting, subscription, chargebacks and multi-department utilization.
  • Simple Object Storage: Riak CS allows enterprises to easily store and retrieve images, text, video, documents, database backups, software binaries and other content up to 5GB per object.
“Simple object storage has become one for the core services driving adoption of public cloud platforms and we have already seen an expression of interest in the potential of Riak CS to supply similar capabilities for private clouds from our client base prior to its official release,” commented Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics, 451 Research. “We expect to see more given its core functionality and compatibility with the Amazon S3 API.”
Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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