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Vital DB2 And InfoSphere Revision Gives Edge To IBM

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 09 April 2012
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IBMIBM has recently announced its new version of DB2 version 10 along with an advanced capability of its Big Data product Infosphere working in tandem with Apache Hadoop. This move further demonstrates the intentions of IBM to be the Big Daddy of Big Data. IBM boasts, about their two new features, first one being  "adaptive compression" which enables data compression resulting in data compression by upto hooping 90%.

Second one being "multi-temperature data management"tools which results in cost-effective storage systems based on how frequently it's accessed.

The newer version of InfoSphere comes with 10 time's faster execution of queries. One of the key features that ISVs will love within the release is Time Travel Query feature which enables to access data at any point in time. This is in contrast to the previous approach of writing manual code to achieve the function, greatly increasing their complexity.

The sweet spot of the release certainly is the integration of InfoSphere with Apache hadoop, which enables powerful analytics to combine analytical results from Hadoop-based systems, with more traditional business intelligence systems working with structured data.

On the data management automation front, DB2 10 supports Resource Definition Framework (RDF) "triple graph store" data structures. RDF makes it easier to keep track of data dependencies and identify links among bits of information.

"We believe we're in a new era of data management. The answer to every data challenge today is not to use a relational database management system," said Bernie Spang, IBM's director of strategy and marketing for database systems. "It's about using the right tool for the right job."

Most of the trusted clients are showing increasing signs of preferring IBM BIG Data initiatives as compared to that of Oracle's. For instance Coca-Cola has moved and spent a million dollar in DB2 licenses according to om DeJuneas, Coca-Cola IT team manager.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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