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OpenStack Claims Ground On Rivals With Essex Release

Written by  Raja Rao | 09 April 2012
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openstackOpenStack®, the open source cloud operating system, today released “Essex”, the fifth version of its community-driven software, with a focus on quality, usability and extensibility across enterprise, service provider and high performance computing (HPC) deployments. OpenStack Essex allows users across the globe to leverage pools of on-demand, self-managed compute, storage and networking resources to build efficient, automated private and public cloud infrastructures.

Last few weeks have been quite interesting for OpenStack with open competition from Amazon and Eucalyptus joining hands on greater interoperability agreement and Citrix CloudStack distancing itself from OpenStack community while IBM and RedHat have joined OpenStack community throwing their weight in support of this opensource cloud platform.

Essex release adds new features and better project integration across the three pillars of compute, storage and networking. Essex also marks the first full release of two new projects, Dashboard and Identity, which provide additional infrastructure and support across the three pillars.

  • OpenStack Compute (code-name Nova) Focus on stability and integration with Dashboard and Identity, including enhancements to feature parity among the tier one hypervisors -- making it a seamless user experience across each hypervisor -- improved authorization and live migration with multi-host networking. There were also contributions to support high-performance computing and additional block storage options, including support for Nexenta, SolidFire, and NetApp storage solutions.
  • OpenStack Object Storage (code-name Swift) Significant new features to improve compliance and data security with the ability to expire objects according to document retention policies, more  protections against corruption and degradation of data, and sophisticated disaster recovery improvements. Also new capabilities important to service providers including the ability to upload data directly from an authenticated web page and the ability to restrict the maximum number of containers per account.
  • OpenStack Dashboard (code-name Horizon) The first full release of OpenStack Dashboard provides administrators and users the ability to access, provision and automate cloud-based resources through a self-service portal. The extensible design makes it easy to plug in and expose third party products and services, such as monitoring.
  • OpenStack Identity (code-name Keystone) The first full release of OpenStack Identity unifies all core projects of the cloud operating system with a common authentication system. The technology provides authorization for multiple log-in credentials, including username/password, token-based and AWS-style logins.
  • OpenStack Image Service (code-name Glance) – The Image Service received several key updates to improve usability, authorization and image protection.

"We have observed the Open Source model and Linux change the IT world by growing a community of individuals and companies building successful businesses on top of Open Source projects. These have facilitated the maturing of the technology and the creation of vibrant ecosystems. OpenStack is now going through this cycle -- just much faster with all the experience on how to run successful Open Source projects and the industry coming aboard much more quickly than with Linux," said Phil Zamani, SVP of the Digital Business Unit Cloud Services at Deutsche Telekom. "Essex is a very important milestone, as it marks a point where OpenStack has become complete and mature enough to be a solid foundation for large-scale projects on top of it. This will grow the momentum of OpenStack in the market. We will base the rollout of our Business Marketplace SaaS Cloud program on Essex."

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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