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Making SQL Scalable Is What New VoltDB 2.5 Is All About

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 15 April 2012
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voltdbVoltDB, the leading NewSQL database management systems today has announced general availability of VoltDB 2.5. VoltDB is a distributed, fully-durable, in-memory database specifically designed for modern software applications that are pushed beyond their limits by high velocity data sources. 

VoltDB version 2.5 includes important new features for disaster recovery and workload optimization along with key performance and SQL improvements and it provides high performance support for Node.js applications. The expectation of this release is to meet the demands of new generation of data sources like – streaming feeds, machine-generated data, micro-transactions, high performance content serving – requires database throughput and real time analytics that scale to millions of operations per second while providing full support for ACID transactions.  

While we had been talking about demise of SQl and emergence of NoSQL, its good to leave the sql vs nosql debate for a minute and think about those who are fine tuning the tried and tested Sql methods to elevate them to demands of horizontal scalability. Other vendors apart from VoltDB that are into NewSql includes and not limited to GenieDB, Clustrix, HandlerSocket, RethinkDB, TokuTek.

VoltDB proves its ability in a space where there are tremendous demands on database scalability while requiring 100% data consistency, real time analytics high aavailability and database recovery. In short not just CA, CP, AP but all of CAP within the CAP theorem. VoltDB has claimed this is a better fit for developers of digital ad serving, gaming, financial trading and others.

The Key features within the re-launch includes

Database Replication: Version 2.5 introduces a new feature called Database Replication that allows VoltDB databases to be automatically replicated within and across data centers.  Available in the VoltDB Enterprise Edition, Database Replication ensures that every database transaction applied to a VoltDB database is asynchronously applied to a defined replica database.  Following a catastrophic crash, a systems administrator can immediately promote the database replica to master status and redirect all traffic to that cluster.  Once the original master has been recovered, the process can be quickly and easily reversed.

In addition to serving disaster recovery needs, Database Replication can also be used for workload optimization.  Write traffic can be directed to the master VoltDB database, and read traffic can be directed to the replica.  This usage pattern provides optimal performance for both write and read workloads.

Performance improvements:  Version 2.5 includes performance improvements to the VoltDB SQL planner, which benefit all VoltDB products.  In addition, the VoltOne product has been optimized to significantly reduce transaction latencies.

Functional enhancements:  Version 2.5 includes expanded support for SQL syntax and semantics, and extends VoltDB’s support for distributed database joins.  Based on customer input, version 2.5 also adds new administrative options for managing database snapshots and controlling the behavior of command logging activities.

Updated Node.js support:  VoltDB version 2.5 includes a client driver for the Node.js programming framework.  This driver, which was originally created by a VoltDB open source community member, provides access to VoltDB-managed data for Node.js applications.  The updated Node.js driver includes performance optimizations, bug fixes and modifications that align the driver with Node.js coding standards.

VoltDB 2.5 is available immediately.  VoltDB Enterprise Edition includes Database Replication and other features needed to deploy and manage enterprise-class database applications.  VoltDB Community Edition, which contains all features needed to develop VoltDB applications, is available for free under the GNU General Public License (version 3).  All VoltDB software products, client libraries and documentation are available for download from the Company’s website at

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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