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Amazon's Cloud Marketplace - AWS Marketplace, third-party tools and services in Cloud

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 19 April 2012
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AmazonMarketPlaceIt always reassuring to know that the software tools that you are looking from are present recommended site. Amazon has launched its cloud Marketplace - AWS Marketplace. Amazon helped all those customers using Amazon's cloud hosting service, enabling them to purchase and immediately deploy software and services they need to build, scale and develop their businesses online.

Market placelists numerous Software Infrastructure stacks, servers, databases and caching and security tools. Als includes software like content management, CRM, eCommerce, project management and storage solutions.

Amazon have worked with established software vendors and upcoming software vendors to create the collection. As with rest of Amazon shopping, you can get feedback and review comments from other fellow customers who have used the software, which definitely helps indecision of purchase of a specific software.

It’s all designed to aid Amazon’s increasing number of AWS customers deploy solutions to boost their businesses but also provide additional features and tools for their users.

Amazon has integrated 1-Click deployment into its service, allowing users to quickly purchase and launch pre-configured software and pay by the hour or monthly. The charges are collated and added to a customer’s existing AWS bill.

Currently, customers can select software from companies including CA, Canonical, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and Zend, as well as popular open source offerings including WordPress and Drupal.

When a user finds a tool they want to use, they purchase it with one click and Amazon will automatically provide a dedicated AWS instance, allowing them to start working right away.

Instead of wading through word-of-mouth recommendations and then trying to set up the new solution, Amazon takes away the hassle and does it all for its users by providing peer reviews and charging usage fees to their existing AWS account.


Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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