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Zettaset Builds Fully Integrated Enterprise OS Hadoop Solution

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 09 May 2012
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zettasetZettaset, a distributor of hadoop mapreduce has formed a collaboration that creates the deployment of Hadoop on an enterprise-grade platform and operating system with and Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation. The collaboration gives users the benefits of Zettaset's comprehensive Hadoop big data management platform called Zettaset Orchestrator running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2, and offers the solution exclusively through Hyve Solutions, a leader in purpose-built data-center servers.

Zettaset provides a Hadoop-based data platform for storing and analyzing large data sets. Our platform works with any Apache Hadoop-based distribution, including CDH and BigInsights, and focuses on four key areas that include Management (elegant and powerful administration of your Hadoop cluster), Automation (automated monitoring, reporting, fail-over, and performance tuning), Analytics (web UI puts leveraging power of Hadoop analytics in your browser) and Security (ensure your cluster and analytics have flexible, strongly enforced safety policies).

The opensource Hadoop platform from Zettaset, called Orchestrator enables self-healing data management environments within Hadoop and identified potential system failures and automatically corrects them. With a combined power of leading opensource and reliable enterprise operating system in Linux 6.2 and purpose built data centers from Hyve Solutions enables distinct advantages to maintain the health of Hadoop cluster, making administration easy without the need for skilled team.

"In the Hadoop community, there are a lot of wasted resources that go into figuring out what is the best configuration of hardware, operating system and Hadoop distribution for the best use case for the enterprise. There are a lot of wasted cycles, a lot of headaches and a lot of pain," said Brian Christian CTO for Zettaset. "This is the only turnkey solution on the market that contains a trusted hardware, OS and Hadoop solution that is reputable, stable and standardized -- it takes the guesswork out of everything."

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